Prayers for Celine Dion

I came across this photo of me and Bill Werde interviewing Celine Dion during the Billboard Music Awards backstage live stream a few years ago. Celine was eloquent and gracious; her face lit up when she talked about her family. It hit home when I heard she lost both her husband and brother to cancer, within the same week.
Both of my parents battled this disease; Mom is a breast cancer survivor, and my dad suffered through lung cancer and had to breath with an oxygen tank. Cancer is a TERRIBLE disease, and my heart goes out to anyone who has had to deal with it in some way. Faith and mental strength is key. I never take any moment for granted and spend as much time with family as I possibly can. Let us stand together and continue to pray for a cure. Sending love and prayers to Celine during this difficult time.

Below is the interview where she speaks about her family at the #BBMAs


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