Prince Lives On In Our Hearts

I have so much to say, but feeling quite discombobulated about the shocking news that Prince passed away today. It feels like a part of my childhood was taken from me so suddenly. As a dancer, I spent countless hours connecting to his music, performing choreographed routines that I can still remember, to this day. He pioneered individuality to me; always pushed beyond the envelope, which inspired me to stay authentic in every way imaginable. PRINCE WAS IT; he changed music forever. His artistry lives on in all of our hearts, and his music will NEVER die. May his soul rest in peace.

Below is my competitive dance squad, California Dance Academy’s “TnT,” in our ending pose to the national award-winning routine to “Daddy Pop.” There were so many more…

It was quite comforting to hear Kurt Loder’s voice in this MTV News piece.

And who could forget his headline-making performance at the 1991 MTV VMAs! #MemoriesThatNeverDie


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