Mental Health: Myth vs. Fact

FACT: “One in five people experience a mental health issue in any given year. So that means if it doesn’t affect you personally, it likely affects someone you know and care about.”

Mental health has become a topic that I am deeply connected to. After a near-death health scare with a family member in 2017, which ultimately stemmed from neglecting mental health issues, I began to realize how the pattern of avoidance can cripple us all. Not only does the person avoiding their own issues suffer, but the one’s closest to them can also be doing it in their own way, unaware of what it’s doing to themselves and the one’s around them. Pushing away what we need to address can lead to us going down a rabbit hole feeling like there is no way out…..not unless we communicate. Not only should we be constantly self-examining our own mental well-being on a regular basis; it’s crucial that we create an open dialogue and check-in on the people closest to us. It’s ok to not be ok and it’s even more than ok to talk about it.

I’m on a mission to use my voice and platform to normalize the way we discuss mental health in our everyday lives. To kick of the New Year, I have proudly partnered with Well Being Trust and Why We Rise to dispel common myths surrounding mental health this month. Check out the 30 Day New Years Resolution Revolution and lets band together to end the stigma. #SponsoredPost


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